127745-b6584078e7c04d63a6dd38185a4a84b8-1Patrick Connor has been operating as Fantastick Patrick since 2009, but it didn’t start there. He has been honing his entertainment skills since childhood, he joined a local circus camp in his home state of Massachusetts and it didn’t take long for people to sit up and take notice. He was fearless, as he threw himself into terrifying tricks and riding a ten-foot unicycle. Fantastick Patrick then moved on to performances at amusement parks and toured the country with his all-inclusive circus act.

Now, and for the last 10 years, Patrick has taken his show on the road, performing across the United States, Canada and even Europe. He is literally a world-class entertainer offering something that can’t be found anywhere else. Fantastick Patrick incorporates jokes and music into his circus based acts. You’ve probably even seen him on Conan O’Brien, and at the MTV movie awards. Last year he performed in 32 cities, in 17 states, doing over 200 shows.

It doesn’t matter who the audience is or what age they are, no one walks away from a Fantastick Patrick show without a massive smile on their face. That’s the beauty of the show, it isn’t just for the kids- he can tailor his act to suit the audience, even if that audience is made up of people of all ages. It takes a special performer to capture the attention of the children, while still giving the adults a good belly laugh. Tricks really aren’t just for kids!
What can you expect from a Fantastick Patrick show? Big laughs, sword juggling, fire juggling, GIANT objects being free-balanced, plate spinning, a yo-yo routine and even musical numbers! This guy truly has it all, he even finishes the show off with a 10-foot unicycle. He keeps the audience fully engaged by taking volunteers and speaking to the crowd as he performs.
He also happens to be an excellent stilt walker, which can be incorporated into the show if the venue allows. Even more amazing- he’s a skilled balloon twister!

Why wait another minute? Be more like the Los Angeles County Fair, the Orange County Fair, the Wisconsin State Fair, Mumfest, the Virginia Beach Summer Nights, the Porter Country Fair, the Fort Wayne Busker Festival, the San Diego Busker Festival, the Ohio State Fair, the Clay County Fair, the Woodstock Festival, the Edmonton Fringe Festival. All of these amazing fairs and festivals hired Fantastick Patrick to entertain their visitors and not a single one lived to regret it.

In fact, he even does weddings, kid’s parties and corporate events! Just check out the incredible testimonials from those who have worked with Patrick in the past. It’s easy to book and it’s easy to pay, it’s easy to watch and it’s easy to say: Fantastick Patrick won’t disappoint.