screen-shot-2016-05-10-at-1-14-30-pmFor a man that started his shtick at his local circus camp near his home in western Massachusetts, Fantastick Patrick sure has come a long way. It was clear from the start that he had a special talent, which was only enhanced by his fearless natures. It was no surprise to his family when his act led him to perform in amusement parks, and then on a tour across the United States to share his circus art with the nation.

So it was certainly no great surprise when he settled in Los Angeles a decade ago. His amazing act has garnered attention from people in high places, with appearances on Conan and even Hell’s Kitchen. His act has taken him all across the United States, hitting 32 cities in 17 states last year, to perform over 200 shows! He’s travelled Canada and Europe with his show, too. He is a world class entertainer, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has watched his act.

He has a unique ability to get through to every member of the audience, no matter what age they are. He is a seasoned professional that happily tailors his act to suit the venue where he will be performing. His act is truly incredible, incorporating comedy and musical numbers alongside the traditional circus skills like juggling fire, swords and whatever else he can find! Plus, an amazing yo-yo routine, plate spinning, free balancing large objects (like, ladders balancing on his face!), and with constant audience interaction no one will be bored.

He is also a high skilled stilt walker, and balloon twister- you can book these in combination with the traditional act, or book them separately. Either way, you won’t be sorry. Just look at some of the incredible people he’s worked with: Conan O’Brien, Just Dance, MTV Music Awards, Five Verizon Commercials, Tustin Jewelry, Best Buy, Hell’s Kitchen, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Delirio Films, Level 10 Films, Landmark Case Productions, and if that isn’t enough to convince you, just have a look at the incredible testimonials. He’s also performed at county fairs and festivals across the United States, plus massive corporate events for the likes of Facebook, Pasadena Rose Bowl, Kaiser Permanente and the Ritz Carlton.

Patrick’s skills translate to any venue, and any audience, which is part of what makes his act so special; he’s a one-man circus band. So if you’re looking for big laughs, then Fantastick Patrick is a must.

It’s easy to book, just fill out a short form on the website and Fantastick Patrick will get back to you to work out the details. There’s a simple payment form on the website, too, so you can take care of payment without hassle.